A More Excellent Way: Part 2

Jesus called us to love each other. He referred to it as the “new commandment” and indicated it would be the world’s way of knowing that we are His followers. The Apostle Paul writing the church in Corinth desired to show them a “still more excellent way,” which was clearly based on love for one another.

A More Excellent Way

It seems like the pursuit of excellence is highly valued in our society. What if there were an even more excellent way? The Apostle Paul said there is “a more excellent way!”

Love Like Jesus: Part 3

Jesus’ death and resurrection helps us to have hope in a broken world. As Jesus was being crucified he spoke “forgiveness” over His executioners. He also spoke forgiveness over us and to us. As we celebrate Easter and His resurrection remember, out of love, He “Forgives Sinners.”

Love Like Jesus: Part 2

What we call communion first happened at a dinner table, not an altar table. It happened among friends, who also followed Jesus.