Joy Full

The story of Christmas is that Jesus is the source of true joy! As one writer said, “He has come for us, for us. He’s come—amazingly, shockingly—because he loves us. That’s the startling joy of Christmas.” (Finding Christmas – James Calvin Schaap)

Love Full

Love is often talked about and more often misunderstood. Love in our world is primarily a feeling. Biblically speaking love is so much more than a feeling. From a Biblical point of view love moves. It is an action toward others, on behalf of others, and for the benefit of others. In it’s purest form it is self-sacrificing without the expectation of return. What does it look like to live a love “FULL” life?

Peace Full

Being “at peace” means different things to different people. For some, it means a lack of stress in life. For others, it means financial security—money in the bank, nice things, and good retirement plan. Ask a mother of young kids and she might describe the hour after the kids have gone to sleep as being peaceful. From a Biblical point of view, peace comes first from a person, not from right circumstances.