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Relate: The Danger of Unforgiveness – Week 3, Day 2

The Limits of Our Forgiveness Peter asked Jesus how many times a person should forgive another person. Peter suggest 7 times, which most of us would consider generous. The generosity of God is always surprising. Interpreters have a hard time knowing if Jesus said 77 times or 7 x 70. Different English versions interpret it […]

Relate: Why Forgiveness is Important – Week 5, Day 1

Forgiving Forward Bruce and Toni Hebel have written a book called Forgiving Forward. In their book about forgiveness, they write about how hurts in their own life had turned them bitter and made them susceptible to being hurt again. There were just too many soft spots for people to touch. The Danger of Unforgiveness Even the […]

Relate: Make Humility a Priority – Week 3, Day 5

The Danger of Talking About Humility Humility is a dangerous thing to talk about. The more we talk about it the more we might struggle with the pride of being humble. Pride is also dangerous to talk about. Most people think that pride is another person’s problem. The only medicine for pride is humility. The […]

Relate: Loving Relationships Defined – Week 3, Day 4

Prioritizing Relationships Even Jesus had to prioritize relationships. It’s hard to imagine how Jesus, God’s presence in the flesh, could spend more time with some people than others. Was he playing favorites? Did he love some people more than others? Was he more comfortable with some people and less comfortable with others? Personal Relationships Imagine […]

Relate: Asking for and Giving Help – Week 3, Day 3

The Deepest Kind of Relationships Relationships deepen when people get real with each other. At the same time, there is a lot of risk in such an endeavor. Can we really trust people to help? What if we share something personal and they blab it to others? How can we know for sure that our […]