We are a community-oriented, family-friendly church for every age and stage of life. We strive to be a caring church that honors God and lives out the message of the Bible. The church is not a building; it’s God’s people. We are not perfect. Every one of us has challenges, problems, and sin. This is why we gather together to follow Jesus, to worship God, to pursue the Christian life, and to be more like Christ. We care deeply about encouraging everyone to know and follow Jesus every day and in every way.

Our History

The Big Timber Evangelical Church traces its beginning back to 1925 when a small group of Christians began to pray about founding a church to better minister to the community. They soon purchased a small piece of property on the corner of 3rd and Bramble Street and began laying the foundation for a facility to house the church. Initially, the church family met in the basement while saving money for the rest of the facility. The current Fellowship Hall and basement are the original sanctuary. A foyer addition was added onto the original building in 1999 and the new building was started in 2008 and finished in 2009.

We know that the church is not the building. Since its founding, this group of local believers have had an ongoing ministry in the community. The early church founders sacrificed greatly!

This church has always held as its core values a strong Biblical focus, prayer, a deep love for each other, and ongoing ministry in the community and world. Today, these core values can still be seen in the church family. What began with a handful of people stepping out in faith is now a church family of over 250 individuals gathering together for worship and spiritual growth each Sunday morning.

Our prayer is that we will honor God in what we do and say and that we will faithfully serve Him by serving others through caring ministry and a powerful life witness.