Encouraging everyone to know Jesus and follow Him every day in every way!

Our Strategy

We believe that it’s important for you to know how to grow closer to God. We also believe it’s important to have a very clear, easy to understand process or strategy. What follows is a map. It is our way of describing in very clear terms how The Big Timber Evangelical Church encourages people to know Jesus and follow him daily. Since knowing Jesus and following him is the purpose of everything we do, we invite you to get connected through our Sunday, Growthday, and Everyday experiences.

SundayFor most people, Sundays are the first way to experience what God is doing among us. Every Sunday morning we gather together to worship God, open God’s Word, encourage each other, and fellowship together. Sundays are a time of celebrating what God is doing in our midst. This all happens through two worship services, fellowship time, and kid’s ministries. We want to invite you to join us each Sunday morning!

We don’t live the Christian life just on Sundays; the other six days matter, which is why Growthday experiences are important.

GrowthdayA Growthday experience happens during the week when people get together to encourage each other and pursue spiritual growth. There are several kinds of Growthday experiences designed to encourage, challenge, and grow us toward Christ-likeness. Small groups, one-to-one accountability, Bible Studies, and prayer times are all examples of growthday experiences.

The Christian life is a 24/7 commitment which leads us to Everyday experiences.

EverydayEveryday experiences are where we put into practice Jesus’ words “you will be my witnesses.” Every day is an opportunity to serve others and share our faith—with or without words.

Because serving and sharing our faith matters, we are committed to caring for the needy among us and encouraging everyone we come into contact with.

Ultimately, the purpose of this is encouraging everyone to know Jesus and follow him, every day and every way. We want to encourage you to take a look at this map and get involved whether you’re new to our community and church family or already involved.  We know this is a process. If you want to know more about faith in Jesus and spiritual growth then join us on Sunday mornings and get connected to our strategy for helping you grow spiritually.