Bring Your Bible

Bring Your Bible


Sunday, July 18th

Summer is here and we want to encourage you to ‘Bring Your Bible’ to worship each Sunday. Augustine, an early church leader once wrote, “Where Scripture speaks, God speaks.”

One day, sitting in a garden, he heard over the wall a child playing a game, calling, “Take up and read . . . take up and read.” Even though Augustine wasn’t a Christian, he opened the Bible and started reading. His eyes fell on a passage in Romans that challenged him to change his life. Augustine experienced being born again “through the living and enduring Word of God.”

We are kicking off the summer looking at passages that will help us understand the power of God’s Word in our lives.

Family Ministries

Summer Camps

Beartooth Christian Camp and Clydehurst Christian Ranch not only hold amazing camps for youth, but also for couples and families too, as well as camps that specialize in activities like horsemanship and fly fishing.

Visit these camp’s websites for more info and to register:

Youth and Kids’ Ministries

Youth: Be watching for info coming soon on some fun summer get-togethers over the next couple of months.

We are also looking forward to offering Kids’ Group on Wednesday nights starting in the fall.

Please pray for our leaders and volunteers as they begin to make preparation for all our youth and children’s ministries.

Week at a Glance

Memorial for Denise Mullens
11:00 am

Men’s Breakfast at the Grand
7:00 am


July 26-30

August 5
Monthly Hym Sing

August 10
Youth Group Event

August 24
Youth Group End of Summer Event

Monthly Hymn Sing

Once a month we gather to dust off the hymnals and spend time singing and rejoicing! All are welcome!

Be prepared to pray, laugh, and sing praises through the words of beloved hymns. We usually meet on the first Thursday of the month. It’s a relaxed, comforting setting where we let the stories of the old songs fill us with joy, with comfort, and with devotion. Because of the 4th of July schedule, this coming month we are meeting on Thursday, August 5th at 7:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall.