Walk like Jesus

Walk Like Jesus: Part 7


Sunday, February 28th

What motivated Jesus? How did His thinking manifest itself in the daily activity of life and ministry? How was it that in the face of rejection and even death itself, Jesus was submissive and even rejoiced? The answers to these questions and others can help us think about what it looks like to follow Him. Jesus’s heart and habits are worth thinking about as a pattern for us to follow.

Easter Baptisms

Interested in being baptized? Or just want to know more about it? If so, feel free to sign up in the lobby. Pastor Kyle will conduct a short baptism class before Easter; date and time to be announced. Questions? Please feel free to talk with Pastor Kyle or PastorBryan.


Youth Group

Wednesday 6:30 to 7:30 pm :: Jr High & HS age :: Sanctuary

Summer Camp

Now’s the time to check into summer camp for your camper! Both Beartooth Christian Camp and Clydehurst Christian Ranch have a variety of camps available for students of all grades. Clydehurst registration is open NOW for all their summer camps. Beartooth registration opens March 15th.

We value camp for your child so much that our church will pay a$100 scholarship per student to either Beartooth or Clydehurst student camps.

Registration is filling up fast already for Clydehurst. To ensure your camper is registered in time, sign up and pay the $50 deposit, then stay tuned! We’ll provide more information soon regarding the scholarship.

Week at a Glance

Membership Class, Part 2
3:00 pm

Women’s Bible Study
6:30 pm

HS Discipleship Group
7:00 am

Women’s Bible Study
9:30 am
Youth Group
6:30 pm

Prayer Gathering
4:30 pm
Hymn Sing
7:00 pm

12:00 pm