Our current sermon series is called Distractions. Life is full of Distractions that can throw us off course. God’s Word can help us understand what kinds of Distractions steal our attention. God’s Word also helps us shift our attention back to the things that matter most.

Relate: The Thing That Kills Relationships – Week 5 – Day 1

The Forbidden Fruit that Kills Relationships It’s hard to pick the forbidden fruit if you’re 200 yards away, but it’s pretty easy if all you have to do is reach up. Do you know why stores have candy in the checkout lane? They know that when you put temptation and arm’s length people are more […]

Relate: Loving People On the Way – Week 4, Day 2

Loving People Loving People is sometimes hard. “People” is such a general description. Who are the people “specifically” that we are to love? That’s not an easy answer. It is certainly the people that we are closest to like our family, our friends, and our co-workers. But it’s also the people we meet while we […]

Relate: Let it Shine by Letting People See – Week 4, Day 1

How Relationship Allows People to See God “Much of what people will see in the Word of God are the loving relationships they experience as they are lived out by God’s people.”[1]    Joey Bontifacio Actions often do speak louder than words! Understanding Often Comes Through Seeing I was reminded recently that a large part […]

Relate: Relationships from a Biblical Perspective – Week 3, Day 4

If you were to do an internet search on relationships you would almost find the vast majority of information is about romance, marriage, or sex. It just is the focus of our culture. It’s what our culture worships and glorifies. The Bible: The Relationship Book It’s helpful for us to have a broader perspective on […]