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When 9 Out of 10 are Un-Thank-Full

We have fallen into the trap of not being thankful. It’s just to easy to forget to “count our blessings,” say thank you, and have an attitude of gratitude. What does thankfulness look like in everyday life? And how can we live thankful lives before God and others? Scripture: Luke 19:11-19 and others


We are going to take a one week break from our series to talk about Seeking the Lord in Prayer. Daniel was a prayer warrior. In Daniel 9:3 we are told that Daniel sought the Lord in intense prayer. He gave the Lord his full attention. He gave him his everything. Intense prayer is sometimes the best way to go after God’s best. We will talk about what it looks like and how we can do it.

CRU Romania

Romica and Adina Tila have been married for 20 years and have two kids, 15 year old Esther and 8 year old Elias. They work with Cru in Romania, where they first heard the Gospel as students in college. Romica oversees Global Church Movements for Cru in his part of Romania where they use the Jesus Film and Jesus Film tools for both evangelism and discipleship.